Single Unit System

The Battery Doctors™ battery re-energizing system is simple to use. It was designed with the intent to be automated and easy to follow to ensure consistency in quality and performance. The technology is high tech and the results are first rate.

The process starts with selecting batteries which still have sound plates and removing the excess sulphation.

ProBat™ dissolves the hard crystallized lead sulfate from the plates returning the sulfuric acid into the water (electrolyte) thus re-establishing the normal battery voltage and amperage. The ProCharge™ Reconditioning Station activates the ProBat™ to recondition the plates and finishes the process by recharging the batteries.

This is the most effective method for re-energizing a mechanically sound sulphated battery, because the addition of ProBat can rejuvenate the cells and keep hard lead sulfate crystals from accumulating again on the plates without having to take the battery apart.

ProBat and ProCharge are the key elements in the Battery Doctors System.  ProBat, an environmentally safe, non-acidic Battery Life Extender, removes the harmful lead-sulfate from the plates and inhibits its reoccurrence, dramatically prolonging the life of batteries.  ProCharge is an expandable e-energizing system designed to maximize ProBat’s chemical action and can automatically charge up to 12 batteries safely in less than 24 hours.

Designed for many different types of 12volt ‘starting’ batteries this package includes the ProBat Battery Life Extender as well as the ProCharge Re-energizing Station that is capable of re-energizing up to 12 batteries at one time. 

This Sytem also includes the high tech hand held tester as well as additional tools to properly prepare the batteries. Training materials and tech support is included.

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