Industrial System

The newest member of the Battery Doctors technology group, the industrial re-generation system utilizes a unique blend of three industrial chemicals and a powerful Re-generation Station designed for up to 72 volt large industrial batteries. Batteries that can cost thousands to replace now can be re-generated back to working condition for a fraction of the cost.

There are five primary markets for industrial battery regeneration:

  1. Warehousing – facilities of all sizes using forklifts, sweepers, cranes and other equipment.
  2. Farming – large commercial equipment used for farming applications.
  3. Construction – heavy duty equipment.
  4. Marine – large vessel and land-to-water equipment.
  5. Mining – drilling and transport equipment.

A combination of environmentally safe chemicals is applied on industrial and commercial grade batteries powering equipment such as forklifts, industrial sweepers, heavy-duty deep cycle, commercial transport and commercial marine. Below are some of the instrumental benefits obtained after treatment:

  • Higher Specific Gravity
  • Increased Charge Efficiency / Faster Charge
  • Cooler Charge
  • Less Gassing / water loss control
  • Increased Capacity
  • Less Corrosion
  • Can significantly extend the battery average life

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