Battery Doctors has designed four unique re-energizing technologies to fit your needs. Review all four systems and select the one that fits your needs the most. Then complete the contact us form to request more information including a conversation with one of our Battery Doctors Representatives.

Single Unit System

Designed for many different types of 12volt ‘starting’ batteries this package includes the ProBat Battery Life Extender as well as the ProCharge Re-energizing Station that is capable of re-energizing up to 12 batteries at one time. Complemented with the high tech hand held tester and additional tools this package is a complete re-energizing system. Training materials and tech support is included.

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Large Production Facility

This system is designed for those who wish to re-energize a large volume of batteries on a monthly basis. This package includes the next generation of re-generation technology. Packages range from production facilities capable of 1000-5000 re-energized batteries per month.

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Industrial System

The newest member of the Battery Doctors technology group, the industrial re-energizing and re-generation system utilizes a unique blend of three industrial chemicals and a powerful Re-generation Station designed for up to 72 volt large industrial batteries. Batteries that can cost thousands to replace now can be re-generated back to working condition for a fraction of the cost.

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